Every Christmas, the most eye-catching thing is definitely a Christmas tree full of gifts ~ and this Christmas tree is the most amazing! When it was born, it was amazing on the entire network and was called by the major media as “the most expensive Christmas tree in the world”, which is worth up to 15 million US dollars.

The most expensive Christmas tree was reportedly unveiled at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia in the southern Spanish city of Málaga when the Christmas market opened on November 30. The Christmas tree is about 3,5 high, and it is decorated with various big-name jewelry including Cartier, Bulgari, Chanel, and the value of these gems alone exceeds 12 million US dollars.

The Christmas tree was designed by Debbie Wingham, a famous British luxury designer. She is known as one of the most expensive designers in the world. She has designed many ultimate luxury goods. Among them, a pair of high-priced high-heeled shoes (valued at about 19 million US dollars) created by pure gold diamonds in 2017 has refreshed everyone’s perception of luxury goods.

This year this tree is also called the most luxurious Christmas tree at Christmas. According to reports, the Christmas tree will be on display until January 6 (Three Kings Day). Debbie made 500 pieces of his own ornaments this time, the most expensive of which was an $ 11 million eggshell shell, not only made of red diamond powder but also set with 24K gold.

These elaborate and priceless artistic decorations on the tree also include 3-carat pink diamonds, 4-carat sapphires, oval red diamonds, black and white diamonds, and also Cartier, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chanel, and other top-brand jewelry. Other amazing trinkets include a gold coin inlaid with diamonds that values 1million US dollars. After re-production and professional decoration, this tree is extremely luxurious.

Another extra-luxurious decoration on the Christmas tree is a glass ball with a $ 1.1 million 24-carat gold note. At the same time, the glass ball was set with a diamond worth 200,000 pounds.

More importantly, the “Diamond Champagne” party will be held on December 28th. At that time, everyone at the party will get a glass of champagne with diamonds at the bottom, but only one of them is real diamonds. Diamond appraisers will look for the “lucky man” who got the real diamond at the scene.

It is reported that dinner cost 100 euros per person that night, and the diamond is worth about 2800 US dollars. If you get a real diamond, you will be exceedingly lucky. In case it is not, at least you did not miss the most expensive Christmas tree in history.