Chanel 19 bag review

Chanel’s fall/winter 2019 collection brings a brand new bag-19Bag, this bag has become one of the favorite bags of many celebrities and nobles. Before you buy this new handbag, you must know these 10 things.

01: Chanel 19 Bag was co-created by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard. It appeared for the first time in the 2019 Fall / Winter cruise and is available in a variety of versions.

02: Chanel 19 handbags represent 2019, and the brand founder Gabrielle Chanel’s birthday is August 19, so 19 is an important number for the Chanel brand. More than that, this is not the first time the brand use time to name the handbags, one of which was in February 1955, Gabrielle Chanel pushed the timeless classic-2.55 handbags.

03: Chanel 19 has a very large capacity, which can store many daily necessities, making it extremely convenient and practical. In the design of Chanel 19 Bag, all the details are also “larger”, such as the oversized CC buckle, the quilted pattern on the bag is also wider, and the details of the chain are also enlarged.

04: An extra chain is added to the top of the handbag, which is a unique mark of Chanel 19 bag.

05: Chanel 19 Bag has a variety of uses, in addition, to be used as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag, it can also be used as a tote bag.

06: Chanel 19 bag feels super-soft because they are made from goatskin, lambskin or wool tweed, it also looks softer than other bags.

07: Chanel 19 Bag launched a variety of colors, including the most classic Chanel beige, black and white. Bags made of soft leather are available in dark pink, crimson, green and turquoise; new bags made from wool tweed have 8 different color combinations.

08: At present, Chanel 19 Bag mainly provides 3 sizes, namely Regular, Large and Maxi. Of course, there are also fashionable and avant-garde waist bag versions to meet the needs of different ages and occasions.

09: If you measure the size of Chanel 19 Bag more accurately, the normal size is 26cm X 16cm X 9cm; the large size is 30cm X 20cm X 10cm, and the enlarged size is 36cm X 25cm X 11cm.

10. There are replica Chanel 19 Bags on the market, which not only very similar in appearance and quality when comparing with the original ones, but also exceedingly reasonable in price.