celebrity for Chanel

The Chanel coco crush of high-end jewelry series is inspired by Chanel’s classic diamond pattern, which is aimed to pay tribute to the eternal diamond pattern. This logo can make it clear at a glance that it is from Chanel, and the shape of the coco crush is simple and neat, and it will not be too grand in the daily match.

Last November, supermodel Liu Wen was invited to a private dinner by Lucia Picard, Chanel ’s global make-up creative and color design director. That night, she wore a Chanel tweed jacket with trousers and paired with Chanel coco crush earrings, which makes Liu Wen more intellectual and elegant. Chanel coco crush series has always advocated simple style, this pair of earrings can highlight the graceful temperament.

There is a Chanel bracelet on Liu Wen’s wrist. The bracelet is dominated by rose gold, and the color on the frame is black. This set of jewelry mainly highlights the style of intellectual elegance, which can also be matched freely with clothing.

This is Chanel’s ultra series. It uses the iconic black, white and diamonds as a contrast. The bold combination gives a visual impact, but it also gives a wonderful sense of harmony and a clever interpretation of black and white colors and the calm beauty of intellectual elegance.

These Chanel’s ultra jewelry are more suitable for some working women. Slightly aggressive, but without losing a calm and elegant charm, they are enough to make leaders feel good about it and can be believed that they have sufficient leadership skills for subordinates.

Moreover, before that, Liu Wen also appeared on the advertising album of Chanel coco crush jewelry. In the picture, the couples wore a couple of rings in different colors on their hands. They are still decorated with Chanel’s classic diamond pattern. There is no other decoration, which gives a sense of stability. The diamond pattern is classic and not easy to be out of date. The jewelry is suitable for young couples as well as old couples. A boyfriend can give it to his girlfriend; he can also let his grandfather give it to the little girl in his heart.

Today’s Chanel jewelry introduced to everyone can be bought by a boy or a girl, or a teenager or an old man. And whether the jewelry is real or replica, it will deeply amuse and impress people who receive it.