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Services and capacity

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Diona’s surgical team offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic services applying ultra-modern techniques. Diona specializes in various aesthetic procedures involveing facial rejuvenation and lifting techniques of the face, neck, eyes, forehead, aesthethic correction of upper and lower eyelids and body sculpturing in various ways. Including liposuction, tightening of the skin of the stomach and body; breast augmentation reduction and reconstruction; augmentation of buttocks and legs; aesthetic and functional nose surgeries; removal of all types of skin’s and soft tissue’s benign and malignant tumors.

Diona renders the latest aesthetic surgical methods with different types of radio waves, waves and ultrasound. Our staff consists of certified plastic surgeons, registered nurses and administrative staff who are highly trained professionals that will assist you in choosing the procedure that is best suited for you.


The main objective in our Department of Anesthesiology is to ensure every surgical innovation is carried out as safety and comfortably as possible.

We offer a proven, successful and safe concept “Sleep, wake-up, done”

Diona Hospital provides an excellent faculty for safe and discrete plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Our faculty is fully equipped to handle any type of procedure, from minor to extensive surgery. Our hospital features a state of the art Operating Room and a Recovery Area fitted with the latest medical technology to ensure your safety and comfort. We have a team of highly educated and renowned Anesthesiologists specialized in the latest and advanced techniques in anesthesia, post operative care and pain management.

Anesthesia procedure can be divided into 4 steps:

  • Preoperative anesthesia examination – to determine patient’s health condition prior to surgery and make personal anesthesia plan based on results
  • The anesthesia process itself- we apply different techniques depending on the procedure
  • Postoperative recovery period- recovery is monitored by an anesthetist and a nurse
  • Postoperative pain management- the final step of a patient’s stay in the hospital

Scope of service:

  • Planning the peri-operative care and explaining proposed anesthetic technique
  • Post- operative pain management
  • Peridural analgesia and block anesthesia
  • Analgosedation



Nursing protocols in post-operative care are strictly defined and implemented in a way that provides complete patient safety. There is a strict procedure for recruiting nurses. All nurses undergo a 4-week orientation program to train them to deliver safe nursing care. The nurses are taught by the nursing educator, clinical instructors supervisors. Nursing has a well adhered reporting system to ensure continuous quality improvement process. All nurses are college trained, registered and English speaking.


The patient’s health is always our clinic’s priority. The special ethics committee at Diona controls the quality and performance of work utilizing medical procedures as well as introducing new techniques and technologies within the process of patient’s treatment and care.


Diona hospital has the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure the safest and highest standard of patient health, safety and care. Licensed operators regulary maintain our equipment for electrical safety and functionality.