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Our Vision

Standardized “copy-paste” aesthetic surgery with same results have ordained our constant inclination to, as aesthetic surgeons, be different from others, ever searching for beauty in its specific aspects. Every patient has the right to his own operation, and each has a unique individuality and beauty that, as such, they must cherish.

More beautiful-yes, but in no way different; the impression of natural, not artificial, measured, not exaggerated; these are the principles upon which we conceive our work. A good surgeon primarily needs to be a noble person, to love people, to be an honest physician with a broad education, who is acquainted with all forms of our arts, be they of a plastic, reconstructive or aesthetic nature, he must have a feeling for beauty and aesthetics in general. An aesthetic surgeon should observe beauty from different angles, keep the vision of a strict surgeon but the the wide sightedness of an aesthete.

The health of a patient is always the primary objective. Because of that, the first conversation with the patient is paramount. Here we must merge desires with possibility, combine the Id and Ego with physical appearances. The feeling of measure and beauty, combined with knowledge which is essential, creates the substance of aesthetic surgery. Experience and constant improvement is needed to build upon knowledge already acquired.

Every patient is an unrepeatable work of art for a surgeon. Our task is to recognize the patients wishes, to feel and perceive harmony in their face and body, and ultimately, fulfill their expectations.