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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to constant improvement of services and procedures so that even foreign patients can have reliability in the services that can be provided in our hospital. We provide the highest quality attention to our patients, not only in terms of comfort but also, primarily, in terms of care and safety.

In our hospital the welfare of the patient is always our chief concern. Our goal is to always inform, in detail, our patient of all the possibilities of aesthetic operations and interventions, familiarizing him with the operative procedure, recovery and possible complications. We thrive to achieve the highest level of care for our patients, not only in terms of physical nourishment but also psychological which is, in the field of aesthetic surgery, of the utmost importance. We carefully listen to Your needs and wishes, we talk about them and work hard to understand the goal of Your treatment and to grant You the best advice and care. We always invest maximal effort to achieve the best surgical results in an environment which gives a patient the greatest safety. All of our operations are done in surgical blocks of the hospital, and after that are moved and cared for in our residential sector where comfortable hospital apartments are located.