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Face lifting

A facelift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. It lifts and tightens the forehead, temples and middle part of the face and neck. It lifts and tightens the forehead, temples and middle part of the face, as well as the neck, making you look at least 10 tears younger the incisions are placed in front of and behind the ear and within the hairline. A facelift can be combined with additional facial procedures such as Dermabrasion, Botox, and contouring cheek or chin implant. This operation is performed under analgosedation and local infiltrative anesthesia.

The recovery process is approximately 3 weeks of which the patients will be able to stay in one of the suites at our hospital for 2 days. By the fifth day of recovery, bandages will be removed and the hair washed. External stiches are removed on the 7th and 14th day whilst numbness in the ears could last up to 3 months.

Similar effects of face lift could be achieved by Ultrasound Skin Tightening. Results are excellent and are equal to standard skin lifting. Undergoing this procedure, recovery could last 7 days.

Temporal lifting

A Temporal Lift is a procedure for patients who only need a lift in the lateral temporal area of the brows. The results of this surgery are tightened and lifted outer corners of the eyes and outer part of the brows. The operation is done under local anesthesia or analgosedation and patients are able to go home the same day. It is common for patients to combine this procedure with Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty).

Recovery lasts 5-7 days, where after 2 days, bandages are removed and patients are able to wash their hair.

Neck lifting

A neck lift surgery removes excess fat and skin from the jaw line and it provides amazing, youthful results for the lower jaw, neck and décolletage. This operation is done under local anesthesia, with or without analgosedation; therefore, patients are able to go home the same day. In case the patient has excess fat, it is common for patients to combine this procedure with Liposuction.

Recovery is approximately 10 days, where bandages are worn for 5-7 days to avoid swelling and bruising.

Forehead lift

When numerous wrinkles start to cover your forehead, lowering your eyebrows it is time to consider forehead lift.

The procedure can be performed endoscopically or by traditional surgery, depending on the indication where anesthesia is local with or without analgosedation.

Patients are able to leave the hospital the same day and the bandages are worn for 3 days in order to reduce the possibility of swelling and bleeding. There is no bruising, thus recovery is quite quick.

Brow lift

The brows can be lifted easy under local anesthesia with special stiches in only 10 minutes. The brows can be lifted in 3 different levels interior, central and exterior levels of the brows.

Recovery is quick and painless where there is temporary forehead wrinkling which gradualy disappears after 15 days.

Aesthetic correction of the upper and lower lids

This surgery gives the face a more relaxed, healthier and beautiful appearance. Unlike many other aesthetic surgeries, eyelid surgery is also done for medical reasons: the eye is more open and there is no “heaviness” in the eyes.

Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, tighter appearance. It is also the most effective surgery performed under local anesthesia. The upper and lower lids are operated together or separately, depending on the desired look. This procedure can be performed without any incisions (trans- conjunctival technique) where the fat tissues are removed / rearranged. This approach is applied when there is excess fat around the eyes and no excess skin.

The position of the scars is on the upper eyelid fold and beneath the eyelashes on the lower lid. Stitches are removed 5 days later whilst make up can be applied 10 days after the surgery however; scars are less visible after 1 month. For the first month of recovery sun glasses should be worn on sunny days.

Dermabrasion for skin rejuvenation

Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that makes way for a new, smoother layer of skin to replace the skin that’s been treated. This treatment is done under local anesthesia with special creams or with analgosedation.

A diamond dermabrader is used to remove the outer layers of your skin and improve any irregularities in your skin’s surface. This can be done by chemical peel (glycol acid 7.5%, 15%, 30%) or by laser treatment. Then, a collagen mask is applied every 3 days, for a total of 6-8 days. This mask stays in the face and it serves to protect from possible infections and harsh weather, as well as keeping the new skin hydrated.

During post-op, the skin is light pink for the first 3 months; after 6 months, the skin will have regained its ordinary colour. It is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun until the skin acquires its natural colour.

Dermabrasion is not recommended for smokers because it can leave unequal skin pigmentation.

Face contouring

Facial contouring procedure can give your face a more youthful look or improve the shape of features such as the nose, chin or cheekbone. By contouring and filling certain aspects of your face, it is possible to regain vigo you had lost by aging.

Specific materials are injected deep to the bones and are being glued onto it. It is important to be cautious when pressing the face within the first 72 hours. Injections are used to fill out certain areas of the face and to even out wrinkles or to thicken theskin. These procedures are done using local anesthesia.

Special garments are worn for 7 days while the swelling can last up to few weeks.

Facial lipofilling

Fat injection is a highly recommended technique for skinny faces. Operation can be performed under both local and analgosedation. This is a highly efficient procedure as it is not very invasive and produces natural results. We apply the modified Coleman method. In most cases, fat tissues are extracted from the stomach, processed and then injected into different parts of the face; the injections are infiltrated subcutaneously into the various levels of the muscle.

Recovery consists of swelling, which reduces gradually and usually lasts 7-10 days.

Face contouring with implants

Facial implants are a silicon formed material compatible with human tissues, designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your face. Most commonly, patients augment their chin and/or cheekbones.

For check implants, the implant are inserted through the mouth or lower lid, whereas for chin implants, the implant is inserted through the mouth or below the chin. This operation is performed with local block anesthesia, with or without analgosedation.

Swelling lasts a few weeks, and bandages are worn for 7 days.

Augmentation and lip contouring

This is a quick, effective and simple method for achieving natural, sensual and „youthful lips“.

The procedure is performed using local-block anesthesia. Lips can be augmented using temporary or with a surgical procedure. Temporary fillers dissolve withins 3 to 12 months. Alternatively, patients can choose to inject their lips using theis own fat, this methos is the same as Facial Lipofilling. The amount of fat infiltrated is usually 3ml for each lip.

The required time needed for this procedure is only a few minutes. Swelling disappears withing 24-48 hours. In order to keep the shape of your lip perfect it is necessary to massage your lips in 3 directions for the next month. Applying this technique you are able to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles or eliminate existing wrinkles.

Ear correction

Many patients suffer through years of being self-conscious about their ears. Deformities can be different: prominent ear, a shortage or deformity of the ear cartilage or a deformity of the ear uvula. This operation is performed using local anesthesia.

The ideal period for this surgery is at the age of 6, before children start school. This surgery takes 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the case. Bandages are worn for the first 7 days, after which stiches are removed and no pain should be felt during recovery.

Nose correction

The nose, as central figure in the face, has significant role i aesthehic and functional sense.

It is the only organ conatining all the human tissues: skin, sub cutis, fat, bone, cartilage and mucous skin. All these tissues heal and revive differently. Thus, it is prone to changing the appearance for a long period of time. Aesthetic nose surgery is often combined with correction of a septum deviation.

There is no pain after the surgery. Tampons are removed after 2 days for aesthetic surgery and 7 days in case of septum surgery, which is also the period of immobilization. Recovery involves special care of nose cavities with cotton buds and ointments for mucous tissue. Patient should avoid blowing the nose while the glasses should not be worn for 6 months.

Mechanical liposculpture and fat transfer

This is one of the oldest and traditional techniques of body contouring/shaping.

Surgery is performed in total anesthesia. Before the operation the patient receives anticoagulant thepary. The elimination of smaller surfaces of fat concetration is performed with a classical aspirator and special cannulas. The fat eliminated by cannula is distributed in other parts of the body in order to obtain a more attractive figure. The size of the entry holes is 3mm.

After the operation, compression garment is obligatory for one month and special bandages for seven days. After ten days, the patient starts with massages and bruises are present for about ten days.

Ultrasonic liposculpture

Ultrasonic liposculpture of the face and body is an ideal method used for the reduction of overweight. This surgery eliminates the excess of fat, the skin is tightened and the body and the face are totally reshaped.

The procedure does not damage the blood vessels and nerves; there are no bruises or pain. There’s no possibility of thrombosis or fat embolism. The procedure is performed in local anesthesia. This technique allows eliminating up to 20kg of fat in one day. Post-op diet must exclude salt, delicatessen, flour products, alcohol and mineral drinks.

After the operation, compression garment is obligatory for one month as well as 20 lymphatic drainage massages. Immediately after the surgery, a patient needs to walk, as much as possible, in order to eliminate the swelling. The metabolism is getting faster, so the spontaneous loss of fat continues during the following year. This procedure is the only way to lose a great xcess of weight and go back to your everyday activities in no-time.


Tummy-tuck is the right choice for the patiens who have a problem with sagging skin, are full of stretch marks and separated front abdominal muscles. This technique consists of the removal of excess skin, abdominal muscle strengthening and creating new navel where the scar is in the level of cesarean section.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia. After the surgery, the patient has to walk in a semi bent position for seven days. There are no stitches to remove and compressive garment is worn for a month.

This surgery is most often combined with liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. Massages can be applied from the fifteenth day until one-month to check up. With this procedure you are getting the perfect figure!

Buttocks augmentation with implants and fat transfer

Buttocks enlargment with implants is a very demanding operation for the patient. The surgery is carried out in total anesthesia. A small incision is made in the intergluteal fold and implant is inserted within the major buttocks muscle. The implats are chosen in accordance with the desired size and width of the pelvis. After the surgery, the patient must sleep on the stomach for six weeks, the patient will not be able to sit on the implants and is obliged to wear a compression garment. Regular hygiene is very iportant in order to revent infections.

Buttock enlargement with fat is a very interesting technique and less complicated for the patient, as it is carried out in peridural analgesia. Into each of the patient’s buttocks is injected 350-500ml of fat, which completely reshapes and lifts them. The percent of fat cell survival is 80-90%. The patient resumes his everyday activities immediately afte the operation, can sit and lie normally.

Enlargement of legs and lower legs with implants and fat

Enlargement of thighs and lower legs is a procedure that can seriously improve the appearance of uneven of deformed leg(s). This can be done in two ways: by implants or autologous fat. The inner part of the thighs and lower legs are enlarged by implants. The operation is carried out in general anesthesia.

Implants above the knees are inserted through incisions in the groins and lower legs implants through the folds behind the knees. After the operation the patient is recommmended to rest with their legs elevated; a compression garment or bandages for veins are obligatory. After that, the patient can walk around and is entering a proceess of adaptation. Contrary to breast and buttocks implants, patient can feel the implants and it takes few months to get used to them.

Enlargement of the lower legs and thighs is certainly easier technique for the patient. The only requirement is a great quantity of fat necessary to fill an entire leg, 1000-1500ml, depending on the size of the patient’s leg. Therefore, it is necessary fo the patient to have certain amount of fat.

After the operation, support compression bandages must be worn for one month and the patient can go back to their regular activities.

The opretional incisions are made below the breasts, at nipple level, in the armpit and through the belly button (endoscope assisted). Prosthesis can be round (low,medium or high profiled) with cohesin get I and II, or bio-dimensional (anatomical shape implants) with highly cohesion gel lll or polyurethane. Implants are chosen according to the taste of the patient: whether they want rount or natural breasts. For naturally beatiful breasts we recommend anatomic – bio-dimensional implants or polyurethane implants.

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. Depending on the quality of skin and sub cutis and the choice of prosthesis, the operation is carried out below the muscles, dual-plane and below the muscle fascia.
With an adequate choice of implants, you will obtain perfect breasts. The procedure lasts up to 2 hours. If the implants are placed below the muscle fascia it is painless, just a feeling of pressure on the chest, which lasts for 3 days and the arms can move normally. If you have implanted prosthesis below the muscle or dual-plane, pain is present for 7 days. For 15 days arms cannot be lifted higher than the shoulder level after which they can be lifted above the shoulders.
During a period of one month no heavy lifting can be done or driving a car, where wearing a compression garment is mandatory, after which the patient can return to regular activities.
The operational incisions are made below the breasts, at nipple level, in the armpit and through the belly button (endoscope assisted). Prosthesis can be round (low, medium or high profiled) with cohesion gel I and II, orbio-dimensional (anatomical shape implants) with highly cohesion gel III or polyurethane. Implants are chosen according to the taste of the patient: whether they want round or natural breasts. For naturally beautiful breasts were commend anatomic–bio-dimensional implants or polyurethane implants.

Breast lift and breast reduction

Breast lift and reduction is one of the more demanding surgeries by which you obtain the desired form, size and aspect of the breasts. There’s a great choice of techniques. One of the methods is by ultrasonic device, by which the breast can be lifted 4-6 cm and excess fat can be removed from the breasts withouts scars. This surgery does not give a maximum aesthetical effect. It is of utmost importance to stop taking aspirins, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and estrogenic hormones one month before the surgery.

Enlargement or reduction of breasts can be carries out by an incision around the nipple, cutting of the skin and the gland (periareolar round block technique of „tobacco bag“). Periareolar and vertilac reduction eliminates the excess skin and glands leaving lineal scars, which fade away completely in time. There is no pain after the operation.

In case of sagging and empy breasts, the skin is reduces-mastopexy, the volume is made up by implants that give the breasts a long lasting firmness. Compressive garment is mandatory for one month.


Enlarged male breasts can be a serious aesthetical problem for men which can be solved easily.

In case of smaller fat breasts, the operaion can be carried out by mechanical liposuction. Larger breasts can be operated by ultrasound device that eliminates fat tissue, the gland and tightens the skin or by standard surgery. The excess of skin and glands is eliminated arount the nipples by surgery. Compressive garment is mandatory for a month.

Combined operations

The hectic life rhythm doesn’t permit a contemporary woman to be absent from regular daily activities for a long time.

A completely reshaped body gives a perfect satisfaction. These procedures require that the patient is in excellent general condition and have good laboratory test results. Combined operations are in most cases breast enlargement or reduction with tummy-tuck, liposuction and fat transfer into the buttocks or legs. It is of utmost importance to stop taking aspiring, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and hormone estrogen therapy one month before the operation.

Recovery is seven days long, bandages are worn for a month and lymphatic massage is applied from the fifteenth day up to a month.

Total body lift

Patiens who have lost a lot of weight are often facing the problem of excess skin which can be eliminated by surgery.

The patient must be in excellent health condition, with good blood test results, a nonsmoker and not to suffer from diabetes. This operation is quite risky, due to large incisions and a big wound surface. In the pre-op phase, a certain amount of blood is taken from the patient which is afterwards returned to them during the surgery. This procedure allows eliminating excess skin from the upper arms, abdomen, back and upper legs.

Recovery period is 4-6 week and compressive therapy with bandages in one month. Depending on the skin quality and the revival form, the scars can be hypertrophic or keloid. Even though the scars never disappear, the they gradually fade away and are well hidden.