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Anti aging

The process of aging is a physiological process and is unstoppable. However, today’s modern people have at their disposal scientific, medical methods that are helping them to remain vital and healthy for a longer time and to prolong experiencing old age, while still looking fresh and youthful. Anti-aging medicine is a new branch of medecine that deals with the problem of aging and has increasing popularity.

At Diona Hospital, we approach each patient with a lot of attention, creating individual therapies in accordance with the latest aesthetic and anti-aging techniques and procedures.

Elimination of facial wrinkles(botox)

Wrinkles are the most common and most visible signs of aging. They can be eliminated by dermabrasion, with different fillers (permament or non-permanent), or by blocking individual or a group of facial muscles. Muscles blocking is done in block anesthesia.

Botox and Dysport are the most famous products of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum type A. The procedure starts by applying an anesthetic cream to the face. The effects begin after 3 to 10 days, when the muscles start becomming paralyzed on the treated area. The effect lasts up to six months. Botox/Dysport teporarily eliminates the existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.

The best time is to start using Botox/Dysport before the wrinkles have even appeared. Thus, you will not have them for a long time. We recommend doing it one a year with a minimum of an interval of nine months from the last injection.

Meso cocktails

Dermatological treatment with meso cocktails is performed under local anesthesia (cream). This procedure is performed with thin needles injecting nutritive elements, minerals and vitamins into the mesoderm allowing the skin to become hydrated, thicker and healthier.

Meso micro-needle-peptide technology is used for improvement of sking quality, elimination of fine superficial wrinkles, pores shrinking, removal of scars and stimulation of hair growth.

It takes 4-12 treatments to eliminate fine wrinkles, strech marks and cellulite or get improvement in thickness and quality of hair. Peptides are injected in the micro damaged epidermiis and these have different tasks. The type of cocktail is determined by skin quality and desired results. These micro injuries multiply the regenerative potential of the skin; they wake the skin from the sleep to shine again.

Treatments are repeated from 10 days to a month. Light redness and crusts that appear are gone after 48h.

Meso threads

Meso threads represent a new method of non-surgical rejuvenation and skin tightening. Meso threads are special biodegradable fibers that are inserted into different layers of the skin, through special flexible needles, in order to create three-dimensional „network“. The treatment consists of disinfection of the skin, after which is applied an anesthetic (cream), and then meso threads are inserted into certain areas of the face or the body. They radually dissolve and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin and regenerate, and wrinkles are filled. The treatment is painless and gives immediate results, and the ful splendor of the regenerated skin is seen after three months“ After the threatment there may be bruises that will disappear after a few days. The effect of tightening the skin, depending on the individual type and quality of the skin, can last up to two years.

Meso threads can be used to treat the face, neck, decollete, low chin, upper arms skin, buttocks, abdomen and thigh and knee region.

It takes only one meso threads treatment to get the desired effect and if needed it can be repeated after two years.

After three to four weeks, meso threads can be combined with dermal fillers.

Skin revitalization

After raising and lifting certain parts or entire face, what remains hardly solvable is the improvemenet of skin quality.

How many times did you deep wash your skin, cleared it from deep contamination and impurities? Probably never!

Not because you did not want to, but because you did not know what is the most effective thing to do. The latest Vortex-Fusion technology of superficial and deep skin cleaning helps to clean the skin from superficial sediments and deep clean each pore from pimples, clogs and detoxicate it.

After that, the skin is ready for insertion of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all it takes for it to be young and healty. In the same time, you will eliminate the swellings from the face and light therapy strengthens and improves skin quality. In 30 minutes, you will look shiny and freshen up. Treatments can be done on both hands and body. It removes fine wrinkles, freckles, spots, leaving you looking stunning right after the treatment!