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About Us

Special hospital for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery “DIONA” is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, the Vracar plateau. The detached hospital building, which is highly specialized for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, represents the pristine faculty of modernized health institutions of European and global standards of the 21. Century, and as such stands shoulder to shoulder with the leading hospitals of the world.

The hospital contains numerous comfortable single-bedded and double-bedded apartments, a massage salon, an anti-aging center, and a room for physical therapy with all the necessary equipment. It resembles characteristics of a hotel of the highest category: a reception, unit for specialized services, a dressing room and surgical blocks with the latest in medical equipment. The hospital is rightfully placed among the most sophisticated private hospitals in the country.

Hospital “DIONA” is designed with a vision of observing itself from the eyes of the patient. For patients that stay one or more nights, we grant private rooms with views to our garden, with private bathrooms, television, telephone and access to internet and nurse-calling systems. We provide diverse menus that accommodate with different dietary requirements and escorts and visitations are welcome.

We provide internationally accepted standards of healthcare, and all our patients have the possibility of receiving ISAPS insurances, which grant additional reliability. If necessary, we provide our patients with the overhaul organization for their arrival and stay with us, from plane ticket reservations, transport and accommodations to organizing their entire stay in Serbia.